31 Jan 2003

Expulsion hearings set to begin for American Samoa senator

5:41 pm on 31 January 2003

The president of the American Samoa senate, Lutu Fuimaono, has announced that expulsion hearings for Senator, Faamausili Pola, will begin on February the 12th with Senator Tulifua Lam Yuen as chairman.

As chairman, Tulifua will prepare the hearing schedule, subpeonas and witness lists.

Faamausili will be notified of the charges against him and will be given 14 days to reply.

The senate contends that Faamausili fails to meet qualifications to be a senator as he has been ousted from his village of Ta'u and his chiefly title is no longer recognised by his village.

There has been no mention in the Senate of an application by Faamausili to the High Court for legislative Financial Officier Velega Savali to show cause as to why he has not submitted requests for payment of Faamausili's salary and office allowances to the treasurer for payment.