27 Dec 2002

Vanuatu's National disaster office says it's concerned about subsistence farming communities

5:37 pm on 27 December 2002

Vanuatu's National Disaster Office says it's concerned about villages that depend on subsistence farming on the Espiritu Santo islands.

The director, Job Esau says villagers who live off cash crops such as taro will the worse affected by a cyclone hit.

He says they should start gathering food and water supplies now as there is a possibility that communication links may fail

Mr Esau says if that happens, Espiritu Santo Islanders will be isolated until the restoration of communication services.

"It is a challenge because they live in an environment where they do depend on the subsistence farming. When the cyclone comes one of the big problem that we have is to get information during cyclone period to the community base. They need to prepare themselves now before the cyclone so shelters need to be strengthened even food security."

Job Esau, Vanuatu's National Disaster Office.