19 Dec 2002

Suva Lawyer pursues action against police chief over alleged coup involvement

5:50 pm on 19 December 2002

A Suva lawyer says he is considering sending evidence linking Colonel Isikia Savua with the May 2000 coup to the United Nations to prevent him taking up his post as Fiji's UN ambassador next month.

Naipote Vere is filing a writ in Fiji's High Court to begin action to try and prove

that Col Savua, the outgoing police commissioner, was involved in the May 2000 coup.

Naipote Vere says he has documents detailing a meeting between Col Savua and coup leader George Speight in a Suva restaurant owned by Speight a day before the coup.

Mr Vere says his evidence is clear proof that Colonel Savua, who was cleared of involvement in the coup by the former chief justice, Sir Timoci Tuivaga, two years ago, was privy to the planning of the coup...

"We might send the evidence against him to the American Embassy not to allow this man to enter the US because of his involvement in the last coup."

Naipote Vere.