7 Dec 2002

Hawaiian Air hits back after criticism over Pago Pago route

9:23 am on 7 December 2002

Hawaiian Airlines has dismissed allegations from former congressional candidate Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, that it's monopolising the Honolulu-Pago Pago market, and charging higher fares than for similar distances.

Hawaiian Air spokesman Keoni Wagner says that some time ago the carrier instituted special advance purchase fares to make travel more affordable for American Samoans if they plan in advance.

Mr Wagner says that on a comparable basis, the airline's fares to and from Pago Pago are not out of line with the way they price other markets.

He says they have met with various representatives of the American Samoan government from time to time to discuss Hawaiian Air's service and fare structure.

Mr Wagner says the intimation that the Pago Pago service is a financial bonanza for the airline ignores the fact that other carriers are not rushing into the market.