3 Dec 2002

Mixed response to tax cuts by Papua New Guinea government

4:43 pm on 3 December 2002

There's been a mixed response from mining companies to tax cuts by the Papua New Guinea government aimed at encouraging investment and more mining exploration.

The executive director of PNG's chamber of mines and petroleum, Greg Anderson, is in Sydney to host a conference on mining in PNG, and says people are still digesting the news.

The government has reduced the tax rate for new petroleum projects from 45 percent to 30 and will also abolish the additional profits tax for mining.

Mr Anderson says this may attract new companies to invest in Papua New Guinea.

"On the mining side we believe it'll have considerable impact in rejuvenating exploration and the industry as well as government will be marketing that in the coming months during next year overseas to see that we can interest a number of new players."

Mr Anderson says existing players also want their tax rates cut so there will be discussions with the government about this in the near future.