22 Nov 2002

Solomons police commissioner wants clairification of "neutral force"

12:43 pm on 22 November 2002

Solomon Islands acting commissioner of police, John Homelo, has called on the government to clarify reports that it is using public funds to pay a group called the neutral force.

In a statement supporting a call by the Senior Police Officers Association for an explanation from government, Commissioner Homelo says clarifications must be made about the relationship between the government and the "neutral force".

He has also questioned the legality of such a force.

The Senior Police Officers Association is alleging that the government has paid out about one point six million dollars to the force.

Commissioner Homelo says the government must explain in detail the role and duties of the neutral force and if it is using any illegal weapons.

He also reminded the government that the fully trained and qualified men and women of the police force are constitutionally the only enforcer of law and justice in Solomon Islands.