20 Nov 2002

Fiji Womens Council agrees and disagrees with Beddoes

6:01 pm on 20 November 2002

The Fiji Womens Rights Council is backing the call from the Opposition leader Mick Beddoes for harsher sentences for sexual offenders, but it wants more effort put into preventing these offences.

Mr Beddoes has called for long, deterrent sentences for convicted rapists amid increasing reports of brutal rapes in Fiji, which he says are reflective of crime out of control.

The current maximum sentence is ten years, but the Council's co-ordinator Virisila Buadromo says the Opposition Leader's call for 30 years jail and public floggings is too tough.

She says they want more emphasis on prevention .

"We believe that there need to be harsher sentences, but in regards to his call for a public flogging, we, the rights organisation, cannot condone that recommendation, because we believe that using violence to try and eradicate violence, isn't going to solve the problem."

The Fiji Womens Rights Council's Virisila Buadromo.