19 Nov 2002

Solomons police hunt for rebel leader held up by conditions

11:23 am on 19 November 2002

Police in Solomon Islands say the hunt for the rebel leader of the Guadalcanal Liberation Front, Harold Keke, is being prolonged because of difficult conditions on the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal .

The Deputy Police Commissioner Wilfred Akao says while they know roughly where Keke is, stormy weather in the region and the rugged terrain have hindered their efforts to locate him.

Mr Akao says the police will get to Keke sooner or later but that they must proceed with caution given the risk of hurting civillians involved.

"We are aware that there are some civilians with him, members of his immediate family, so again our primary aim is hopeful that he will surrender himself or if its possible we might capture him alive."

The Deputy Police Commissioner, Wilfred Akao