7 Nov 2002

Marshall Islands tribunal takes action over critical audit

12:22 pm on 7 November 2002

The Marshall Islands Nuclear Tribunal is taking action to address issues raised by a highly critical government audit.

The tribunal's acting chairman, James Plasman, says the audit highlighted excess leave payments, allowances paid in advance and improper use of credit cards.

He says there was significant personal abuse of credit cards and information has been handed to the attorney general's office which will make the decision on whether to take the matter further.

Mr Plasman says the improper advances have all been paid back, excess leave has been corrected and abuse of credit cards has been stopped.

"We've instituted policies and procedures to address the concerns raised in the audit. We have established an internal review process to ensure compliance with those procedures, and the point I would like to make is that the money has been paid back. Claimants who are the recipients of awards have not been harmed at all by this instance and the Tribunal has been made whole."