30 Oct 2002

Fiji Immigration Department corruption seen as threat to national security

12:37 pm on 30 October 2002

Fiji police are concerned that systematic corruption in the Immigration Department is threatening Fiji's national security and what happened in Bali could happen in Fiji.

The Daily Post reports that it has obtained a document titled " Fiji Immigration: A Threat to National Security - Do We Need a Bali Bombing Too Before We Wake Up?" which will be forwarded to the ministry of home affairs today.

The document says Fiji could become a target of terrorist attacks similar to the ones in Bali and drastic action needs to be taken immediately.

A group of senior police officers is reported to be concerned about the manner in which the Immigration Department is letting people into the country.

The document says the Immigration Department has no idea about the type of people it is letting into the country, legally or otherwise.

It also says that immigrants who pay corrupt officials are circumventing the usual probity checks and as a result Fiji now has a problem with Asian organised crime, significant illegal immigration, a growing drug problem and an increasing terrorist threat.

A senior officer is quoted as saying that the Bali bombing is evidence of the terrorist presence in the region.

He says Fiji's immigration service provides a huge "Welcome" sign to these groups through corruption and incompetence.