16 Oct 2002

Solomons police to use more officers in bid to capture rebel leader Keke

12:04 pm on 16 October 2002

Solomon Islands police say they are sending more officers to Guadalcanal's weather coast in an attempt to capture rebel leader, Harold Keke.

This follows a shootout which left six of Keke's followers dead and one man killed from the combined police/civilian force which has been attempting to hunt down the rebel leader for the last two weeks.

The deputy commissioner of police, John Homelo, says more police will be sent so that there are 20 armed officers in a band of 40 to track down Keke.

Mr Homelo says it could take some time.

"The operation is still continuing. With the help of the people there, we'll send some officers too try to capture him. Maybe another 20 will be sent ot the area, still combined with the civilians trying on the other side."