8 Oct 2002

Guam puts in place plans to ensure continued supplies

4:53 pm on 8 October 2002

Guam has put plans in place to ensure the territory continues to receive supplies despite the labour lockout at west coast ports in the U.S.

A spokesperson at the governor's office, John Ryan, says shipments come in every 12 to 14 days so there's been no impact to date on Guam from the week long lockout.

Mr Ryan says Guam is hoping to be included in the exemptions granted to two states which are reliant on imported goods.

"There's exemptions that have been granted for Hawaii and Alaska and we're very confident that Guam will be included in that and it will allow for our supplies to be continued through. Also because of our strategic importance to the US military, we know that military supplies will continue to come and that the civilian community will benefit from that also."

John Ryan.