23 Sep 2002

Papuans call for two provinces to be established

10:47 am on 23 September 2002

A group from the Indonesian province of Papua has urged the government in Jakarta to reinstate the plan for two provinces to be established in the region.

Plans to set up the new provinces were approved in 1999.

The Jakarta Post says the proposals were aimed at supporting calls by the Papuans for further development and to help the national government answer calls for independence.

The new demand to go ahead with the proposal was presented by some 300 Papuans who were recieved by President Megawati Sukarnoputri at the State Palace in Jakarta.

The petitioners suggested that the new provinces be established on October the 12th, the date of the induction of two new governors for Papua two years ago, under the then President B.J.Habbibe.