14 Aug 2002

Solomon Islands nurses threaten all out strike unless paid when due

5:43 pm on 14 August 2002

The Solomon Islands Nurses Association says if the government is unable to pay nurses on time, there will be an all-out strike.

The 500 members have been working reduced hours since last week with only the morning shift covered at the hospitals while clinics are closing their doors at midday.

Association president, Joshua Gulolo, says he's told Sir Allen Kemakeza that they will monitor the situation very closely.

"If nothing is done by the government, we will totally withdraw our workforce. Weare trying to negotiate with the government. It will be distarous for our population if we actually take strike action on the 5th of September."

Nurses, doctors, teachers and civil aviation workers are all taking action because of the government's failure to pay them their wages on time.