1 Aug 2002

Two candidates for Tuvalu prime minister's position

4:50 pm on 1 August 2002

Tuvalu's new parliament will meet on Friday to elect a prime minister, with two candidates standing for the post.

They are Amasone Kilei and Saufatu Sopo'aga who is a former secretary to government.

The new 15-member parliament was elected a week ago and saw 6 members losing their seats, including the prime minister, Koloa Talaki, and the speaker.

Tomorrow's session was called by the governor-general and it will be followed by the formation of a cabinet.

Tuvalu has no party system while it gives seven of the country's eight islands two seats in the house.

Mr Kilei is from Nui and Mr Sopo'aga is from Nukufetau.