1 Aug 2002

Solomons Peace Monitoring Council honours gun-free villages

10:56 am on 1 August 2002

The Solomon Islands Peace Monitoring Council will today declare two villages "Weapons Free" in its latest effort to remove guns from the community.

The villages are Tamboko on Guadalcanal and Buma on Malaita and the declarations will be broadcast live on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.

The Deputy Chairman of the PMC, Sir Peter Kenilorea, has praised the achievement, saying it sets a shining example for others to follow.

He says the PMC does some monitoring where possible, but to a large extent they are taking the word of the community that the guns have been removed.

"Two things will happen. we will issue a certificate to that effect to that particular village and also put a billboard to show everyone that this particular community or village has decided to go down this particular road."

Sir Peter Kenilorea says the PMC has few funds but it hopes to reward the villages by providing sports equipment or assistance for the schools.