22 Jul 2002

Air Pacific threatens to cut pay of striking workers

4:28 pm on 22 July 2002

Fiji's national airline, Air Pacific, has threatened pay cuts for staff who go on strike.

The threat comes as partial action by staff consisting of an overtime ban, work to rule, go slow and withdrawl of goodwill has failed to win a resolution of their dispute with the airline.

These include settlement of reundancy pay for senior managers laid of in 1998, paycuts for cabin crew in 1999 and loss of other benefits.

Up to 80 of Air Pacific engineering staff and cabin crew are still reporting sick, severely disrupting the airline's services.

Radio Fiji quotes the secretary of the Fiji Aviation Workers Association, Attar Singh, as saying he is still optimistic that a settlement can be reached if Air Pacific comes to its senses before full strike action is instituted.

All parties in the dispute are expected to appear before the government arbitrator in Suva this afternoon.