24 Jun 2002

Fiji people could face deportation from Tonga

2:23 pm on 24 June 2002

Close to 30 Fiji families living in Tonga will face deportation soon if their permits are not approved.

The Fiji Sun newspaper reported that this follows the Tongan government's decision to tighten up on immigration laws and crack down on illegal immigrants, mainly Asians.

The president of the Fiji Tonga Association, Ratu Jone Lalabalavu, is quoted as saying that the move will also affect Fiji citizens living in the kingdom.

About 50 indigenous Fijians and the same number of Indo-Fijians are currently working in Tonga.

Ratu Jone says the Tongan Immigration Department has written to all expatriates warning then that those not holding proper permits have three months to regularise their affairs or face deportation.