24 Jun 2002

The inquiry into plane disappearance in French Polynesia looks at fuel problems

4:43 pm on 24 June 2002

The inquiry into last month's disappearance of a plane in French Polynesia is now focusing on fuel problems.

The Piper Seneeca plane, carrying four politicans and the pilot, was last seen when it took off from Kaukura Atol in Tuamotu group of islands at the end of May.

The French news agency, AFP, reports that the prosecutor in charge of the inquiry says the probe is difficult because there is no trace of the plane and no clue as to what might have happened.

The inquiry will continue for another month and results are due from France following the testing of fuel samples from Kaukura.

It has also been suggested that some of the plane's fuel might have been siphoned off because the pilot reportedly found a loose tank lid before take off.