27 May 2002

Australian unions to apply air and sea sanctions against Fiji

5:57 pm on 27 May 2002

The Secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions says New Zealand has not been asked to support anAustralian trade union plan to impose sanctions on air and sea links to Fiji.

The president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Sharon Burrow, says Australian unions support the sanctions which she confirmed would go ahead.

The action stems from a three year dispute over the refusal of the state-owned Airports Fiji Ltd to recognise the Fiji Public Servants Association.

Paul Goulter, Secretary of the New Zealand CTU says they were not approached to join the sanctions.

"We have had.extensive briefings around the issue and we've already indicated strongly our support for that union and for the FTUC but at this stage we've had no approaches from either the FTUC or indeed any discussion with the ACTU"

Paul Goulter, Secretary of the New Zealand CTU