21 May 2002

Fiji govt to file defence over peacekeepers claims

4:13 pm on 21 May 2002

The Fiji government is to file a defence in a multi-million dollar legal action brought by the Fiji Peacekeepers Association.

The solicitor general, Nanendra Nand, says the government is in the process of doing so despite the association's lawyer applying for a default judgement.

Tevita Fa says he asked for the high court to penalise the government because it failed to reply to their lawsuit within the required 14 days.

"One option that the state has is to apply for a striking out and I had a meeting with the counsel who's responsible for the case at the state law office and he indicated to me that he'll be filing an application to strike out. I said to him, look you're welcome to do that and let's see what the court says on the application."

The Fiji Peacekeepers association is suing the government for 90 million U.S. dollars over a claim that its members were underpaid allowances handed over to the Fiji government by the United Nations since 1978.