Concerto for Self

Clarinettist Kari Kriikku

Clarinettist Kari Kriikku Photo: Supplied

Finnish Clarinettist Kari Kriiku talks about the Clarinet Concerto written especially for him - and performing it with the NZSO.


Ex Tenebris Lux

Composer Patrick Shepherd's new Symphony Ex Tenebris Lux (From the darkness comes light) was designed as a cathartic experience for Christchurch children to see how far they have come since the initial quake. It is being premiered in full this week as part of the Christchurch Schools Music Festival.


All Hallow's Eve

Tudor Consort

Tudor Consort Photo: Supplied

The Tudor Consort's Musical Director Michael Stewart on the choir's liturgical reconstruction of Tomás Luis de Victoria’s beautiful Officium Defunctorum this weekend. A performance that intersperses the choral movements with chanted Propers for the Feast of All Souls.