Upcoming Interviews

Wednesday 29th July

Auckland based composer, David Hamilton who'll conduct the 'Auckland Choral' this Sunday for their concert Pounamu, named after a new work by Helen Fisher. The concert also includes the premiere of Hamilton's Orpheus.

New Zealand music contributor, Peter Mechen.

New Zealand film-maker, Christine Jeff talks about her latest film Sunshine Cleaning which opens in cinema's next week.

Live broadcasts from Cathedral Square

On Thursday 30 and Friday 31 July at Noon Eva Radich presents Upbeat live from Cathedral Square in Christchurch.

The broadcasts are planned to coincide with both the Christchurch Arts Festival and the final weekend of the New Zealand Community Trust Chamber Music Contest. International and local performers, artists and directors from both events will join Eva in the Festival Tent at lunchtime.

Guests (subject to change):

Thursday 30 July

12:10 Guy Boyce
12:15 Tom Woods
12:30 Raphael Bonachela
12:40 Caroline Nin (Live performance)
12:50 Art gallery curator Justin Patton
1:10 Shut Up and Listen director Alexander Dezraendtr
1:20 Oxfords (live performance)

Friday 31 July

12:10 Richard Hardie
12:20 LA Mitchell (live performance)
12:30 Mary Coughlan
12:40 Christopher Herrick
12:55 Ross Gumbly
1:10 John Chen, GoaPing and Wilma Smith
1:20 Ragamuffin Children (live performance)