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7:00 WOMAD Taranaki 2015

Thirteen programmes of live performances from artists recorded at the Festival held in New Plymouth last March

(5) Che Sudaka

Spanish band Che Sudaka thrash out their brand of mestizo music - a fiery Native American and European fusion of cumbia, ska and punk. Made up of four illegal immigrants to Spain they forged their sound on the streets of Barcelona and now use their music to broadcast their socio-critical messages (RNZ)

8:00 Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez Photo: Nationaal Archief

Six programmes in which Robin Maconie looks at Pierre Boulez's peers and influences

(1) (RNZ)








10:00 Relevant Tones

Musical Chiaroscuro

Still from the Orson Welles film Citizen Kane

Still from the Orson Welles film Citizen Kane Photo: Mercury Productions

Literally “light-dark,” chiaroscuro in art is the creation of depth through the play of light and shadow.  This artistic technique has inspired legions of composers to try and create the same contrasts in music through timbral shadings and instrumental colors. (WFMT)

Jacob Druckman: Chiaroscuro (excerpt)
Juilliard Orchestra/Foss
New World 80381

Steven Block: Shadows
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/Robert Stankovsky
Navona 5871

Colin Brumby: Chiaroscuro, III
Jade 1058

Huck Hodge: Pools of Shadow from an Older Sky, II. Ave Maris Stella
Huck Hodge, piano and computer
New World 80758

John Corigliano: Chiaroscuro, I & II
Jerome Lowenthan & Ursula Oppens, pianos
Cedille 123

Richard Lavenda: Chiaroscuro
Matthew Strauss, vibraphone; Leone Buyse, alto flute; Benjamin Kamins,
bassoon; Timothy Pitts, double bass
Ravello 7881

Laura Schwendinger: Chiaroscuro Azzurro, III
Madison Sinfonietta/Nicole Paiement; Curtis Macomber, v.
Centaur 3098

11:00 New Music Dreams