7 Mar 2020

BRAHMS: Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen

From Music Alive, 8:00 pm on 7 March 2020
Netherlands Chamber Choir

Netherlands Chamber Choir Photo: Screengrab SOUNZ

Why has light been given to the weary of soul,
And life to the troubled hearts? Why?
They who wait for death, and it doesn’t come;
They who dig for it even out of secret places;
Those who almost rejoice and are happy
That they achieve the grave. Why?
And to the man whose way is hidden,
And from whom God himself has been concealed.
Let us lift up our hearts, together with our hands,
to God in heaven.

Recorded 7 March 2020, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington by RNZ Concert

Producer: David McCaw

Engineer: Darryl Stack