30 Aug 2020

Gillian WHITEHEAD: time steps out of line

From Music Alive, 8:06 pm on 30 August 2020
Dame Gillian Whitehead with Juilliard415

Dame Gillian Whitehead with Juilliard415 Photo: RNZ/Tim Dodd

time steps out of line was commissioned especially for Juilliard415's tour of New Zealand by Chamber Music New Zealand.

The composer, Gillian Whitehead writes:

“Writing for a baroque ensemble today is a very different challenge from that facing the composers of the Baroque, who were discovering the possibilities and sonorities and delights of their new evolving medium, producing a perfect and varied repertoire in the process.

“In time steps out of line I did not want to imitate the music of the baroque era, and decided to give solo roles to some instruments, particularly the wind, less featured as soloists in the ensembles of the time. While writing I found suggestions of harmony from other eras were creeping into the fabric of the piece, occasionally explicitly, usually more subtly, perhaps suggesting a dislocation in time.

“The title comes from At Home in Antarctica, a poem by Claire Beynon.”

Recorded by RNZ Concert, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, 28 February 2020
Producer: Tim Dodd; Engineer: Adrian Hollay