12 May 2018

VIVALDI: Winter from 'The Four Seasons'

From Music Alive, 8:00 pm on 12 May 2018

Antonio Vivaldi composed 'The Four Seasons' for the girls at an orphanage in Venice, where he taught music for 22 years.

Winter in Venice

Winter in Venice Photo: Pixabay

The concertos were presented to the Conservatorio della Pietà, a Venetian orphanage for girls, in 1725.

In fact, it was the last work Vivaldi composed for the Pietà, ending a 22 year association.

Each concerto takes its mood from one of four anonymous sonnets (possibly Vivaldi’s own) that were inspired by painter Marco Ricci's paintings of the seasons.

To create images such as the icy winds of 'Winter' requires a particularly brilliant type of solo violin virtuosity.

Angelo Xiang Yu is privileged to play a 1729 Stradivarius violin that dates from the same era as Vivaldi himself.

Angelo Xiang Yu

Angelo Xiang Yu Photo: Kate Lemmon

Recorded by RNZ Concert, 12 May 2018, at Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington.

Producer: Roger Smith

Engineer: Darryl Stack


  • Vivaldi - Violinist Extraordinaire