7 Oct 2018

DEBUSSY: Violin Sonata in G minor

From Music Alive, 8:00 pm on 7 October 2018

The music lilts and shimmers in Debussy’s Sonata in G Minor, a late work in which percussive and melodic passages tussle for equilibrium.

Ioana Cristina Goicea (violin) & Andrey Gugnin (piano)

Claude Debussy ca 1908

Claude Debussy ca 1908 Photo: Public domain

In 1914, his artistic drive dampened by war and illness, Claude Debussy explained: ‘There comes a moment in life when one wants to concentrate, and now I’ve made a resolution to listen to as little music as possible.’ From one so acutely attuned to the sounds – and cultural life – that surrounded him, such a perspective luckily did not last long, and in his final years Debussy brought his focus to chamber music.

Of the four unfinished sonatas Claude Debussy revisited near the end of his life, the Violin Sonata was the only one he completed. In fact, it also became the last work the composer performed, in September 1917, with Gaston Poulet taking the violin part.

Recorded 7 October 2018, St Andrew's on the Terrace, Wellington by RNZ Concert

A Wellington Chamber Music Trust concert

Producer: David McCaw

Engineer: Darryl Stack