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Russkaya garmon
Russian khromka, made in the Tula musical factory in the 20th century. Image by Vitaly Alekseev. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

A relatively recent instrument, the accordion was invented in the early 1800s and is a treasured ‘squeeze-box’ in localities as varied as France, Chechnya, South Africa and Malaysia. Megan Collins concludes her series on global musical mixes with a look at the accordion and its cousin, the concertina (RNZ)

Music details

TRAD:  Hora Lautarilor - Lautari de Bucharest (Iris 2001 978)
LEPISTÖ:  Silta/ Bridge - Markku Lepistö (accordion) (Aito AICD 003)
TRAD:  Alku - Markku Lepistö (accordion) (Aito AICD 003)
LEPISTÖ:  Hermannin Mollipolka - Markku Lepistö (2-row accordion), Petri Hakala (mandolin), Jouko Kyhälä (harmonium), Pekka Lehti (bass), Janne Viksten (banjo) (Aito AICD 003)
TRAD arr DALY/ CREAGH:  The Four Shoves - Jackie Daly (accordion), Seamus Creagh (vln) (Nascente NSBOX 012)
BYRNE:  Welcome home Gráinne - Dermot Byrne (button accordion) (Nascente NSBOX 012)
TRAD:  Step Dance - Scan Tester (concertina), Will Tester, Bill Agate (tambourines) (Topic TSCD 581D)
TRAD:  I wish they'd do it now - Scan Tester (concertina) and friends (various instruments and percussion) (Topic TSCD 581D)
Learning the Concertina - Scan Tester (spoken) (Topic; TSCD 581D)
Busking on the beach - Scan Tester (spoken) (Topic; TSCD 581D)
TRAD arr MORGAN:  Lawr A'r francod - John Morgan (accordion) (RGNET 1052)
TRAD:  In Gradina Cu Tufani - Romica Puceanu & the Gore Borthers (Asphalt Tango 986532)
TRAD:  Malika - R. Paskeyev (accordion), N. Mamedov (doul) (MEL CD 30 01641)
GARDEL/ FLORES:  Mano a Mano - Ciriaco Ortiz (accordion) (Nascente NSBOX 010)
CARRIZO:  20 de Enero en Ocu - Yin Carrizo (accordion) (Soundway SNDW CD 018)
MONCAYO:  Huapango - Los Texmaniacs (Smithsonian SFW CD 40555)
TRAD:  Gamat - Nurul Hayati, Saryadi (vocals), Gamat Artistika/ Safrudin (Dept of Indonesian Culture and Education)
LEPISTÖ:  Helsinki - Markku Lepistö (accordion), Pekka Lehti (double bass) (Aito AICD 012)