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womadA taste of WOMAD 2014

This week on Global Sounds you can hear some of the artists who’ll be performing at next year’s WOMAD festival in New Plymouth


Pokey LafargePokey LaFarge – Pokey LaFarge (Thirdman 360030)

LAFARGE: Central Time
ROSE: The Devil Ain’t Lazy
LAFARGE: What the Rain Will Bring
LAFARGE: Day After Day


CarminhoFado – Carminho (EMI 966521)

JOSÉ, NÓBREGA E SOUSA: A Bia da Mouraria
CAMPOS, PIMENTEL: Meu Amor Marinheiro


Danyel WaroAou Amwin – Danyel Waro (Autre 138831)

WARO: Voulvoul
WARO: Kilimann


Sam LeeA Ground of its Own – Sam Lee (Nest Collective 200191)

TRAD: On Yonder Hill
TRAD: Wild Wood Amber
TRAD: Goodbye My Darling