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Ross Harris - Wild Daisies

Jenny Wollerman (soprano) and Emma Sayers (piano)

1. Wild Daisies
2. Gossip
3. The Swans
4. In the City
5. Summer's Coming

This well-known cycle is loved by performers and audiences alike. It was written in 1994 as a thank-you piece for Lesley Graham, who had sung lead roles in Harris’ operas Waituhi (1984) and Tanz der Schwäne (1989). She suggested Bub Bridger’s texts.

As in Harris’s earlier cycle Dreams, Yellow Lions, the poems are couched in the vernacular, in this case with a disarmingly naïve, yet subtle character. The composer saw the challenge here in writing music that was both simple and rich in order to match the subtleties of the text. (Ross Harris)

Wild Daisies at SOUNZ, the Centre for New Zealand Music.