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The week beginning 2 July 2012

Monday: Composer of the Week

Charlotte Wilson takes a look at the life and music of BÉLA BARTÓK (1881-1945), in particular, his chamber and piano works (RNZ)

Wednesday: Brian Kay's Light Music

Three programmes

(1) Going Places (RNZ)

Thursday: Lexus Song Quest 2012

The Semi-Finals

Four programmes

(1) Rodney Macann introduces the semi-finalists in New Zealand's premier singing competition, each performing a single item, Briony Williams (sop), Moses Mackay (bbar), Grace Park (sop), Alexander Wilson (ten), Bianca Andrew (mezzo), Amitai Pati (ten), Isabella Moore (sop), Tavis Gravatt (bbar), Polly Ott (sop), Kawiti Waetford (bar), Marlena Devoe (sop) and Stephen Diaz (countertenor) (RNZ)

Friday: The Critic’s Chair (RNZ)

Roger Wilson reviews recent releases (RNZ)