16 Aug 2016

Interview: Seun Kuti | WOMAD 2016

From the collecton Womad
Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti Photo: Johann Sauty

Trevor Reekie discusses afrobeat's legacy with Seun Kuti at WOMAD 2016.

Seun Kuti, like his father, Fela, and his older brother Femi, is a song-writer and saxophonist with a political conscience, who plays his own inimitable brand of afrobeat. He insists he hasn’t tried to change his father’s musical template. It’s more of a case of letting it evolve. “Music shouldn’t change. It should evolve...changing the music isn’t the term I would use to classify what I am doing. And also I wouldn’t say I’m advancing the music...I think terms like that kind of diminish what the art of music is, because now nobody cares about how good you are. The question now is how many records did you sell? Artists are constantly compared to their album sales...I feel that for me it is about the art evolving. I wouldn’t say I’m changing it.”  

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