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Five shining stand-alone stories about family, cockroaches and antiques.


Cocky read by Michael Wilson
Not for Sale read by Timothy Bartlett
Knockout read by Eilish Moran
The Shining Song read by Martin Howells
A Good Fishing Spot read by Peter Haydn

Author's Note

Robin NathanThese stories tumbled out of my head- each one totally different from the one before. The Shining Song fell out first.  It came so easily it felt like someone was whispering it in my ear. Cocky was the second born - I’d written the first sentence years ago and it just wouldn’t go away. A Good Fishing Spot started  out life as a small play but turned into a story.  Knockout was inspired by a remark made by famous NZ soccer player Wynton Rufer about ambitious ‘sports parents’, and Not For Sale came from an old fashioned place I didn’t even know I had - Robin Nathan.