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Read by Dick Weir

The Pirates and the Nightmaker is the prequel to the award-winning book The Loblolly Boy, which won the 2010 NZ Post Book Award for Junior Fiction. A strange and mischievous story written with exceptional style, pace and grace - a true classic in the making.

It's 1740-something and The Firefly is taken in the night by pirates who sail the Caribbean. The ship's boy and a handful of men are set adrift in a jolly-boat. Without food or water the half-starved men eye up the young boy. Astonishingly, a mysterious Mr Wicker saves the boy by turning him into an unearthly creature - an invisible flying boy with beautiful emerald-green wings. When the boy is drawn to a ghost ship sailed by Captain Bass, he learns of the dangerous power of a magical astrolabe which Mr Wicker desperately seeks - and why Wicker must never find it. The boy cannot trust Wicker... but is there anyone he can trust? Captain Bass? Sophie Blade, the pirate's daughter? And who can return him to himself?

The Pirates and the Nightmaker
















Published by Longacre
ISBN 1775537692, 9781775537694

James Norcliffe is a poet, editor and the author of several fantasy novels for young people. His novel The Loblolly Boy won the 2010 NZ Post Book Award for Junior Fiction. He has won awards for both his poetry and his writing for young people. He was presented with a Press Literary Liaisons Honour Award for lasting contributions to literature. He's also been awarded writing fellowships both in NZ and overseas and has read at festivals and literary events both here and in Australia, Canada, the US and Colombia. James was awarded the 2012 Children's Writer in Residence at the University of Otago. He lives at Church Bay on Lyttelton Harbour.

Dick Weir

Dick Weir reading the book. Photo: RNZ/ Prue Langbein

Adapted for radio by Murray Reece. Produced by Prue Langbein and engineered by Phil Brownlee for RNZ.