The music of Ludwig van Beethoven has challenged and inspired generations of musicians and music lovers. His life-story is no less challenging and inspiring, overcoming as he did numerous personal struggles and crises to create some of the best known and loved music ever composed.
The various pages of this online collection contain a fascinating array of documentaries, long-form interviews, reviews, podcasts and live concert recordings.


The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performed Beethoven’s complete cycle of symphonies over just four days in 2014 at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre, led by their music director, Pietari Inkinen.  

The highlight of their season, the performance of all nine of Beethoven symphonies was a true test of physical and mental endurance for the players and their conductor alike. 

“Performing Beethoven’s symphonies in order is a truly unique experience for New Zealanders.  Momentum builds with each symphony, allowing the listener to experience these remarkable works in an entirely new way... an unmissable event.” – Pietari Inkinen


Portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven by Christian Horneman
Portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven (1803) by Christian Horneman.